Agriculture Loans

You run a family-owned farm or ranch, a corporate livestock enterprise or a forestry operation. Whether you're out in the field or busy in the office, you need someone who understands the way you work and the marketplace you work in.

For more than 125 years we've worked extra hard to meet the special requirements you need to run a profitable operation. No matter what your capital needs are, come see us. We know how to help.


Account Details

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Customizable lending options
  • Local decision-making
  • Flexible terms
  • Use for a wide range of needs
  • Personalized service throughout process
  • Assistance at every step
  • Easy to get started

Loan Needs

Hancock Bank can provide agriculture loans for a range of needs, including:

  • Farm equipment and vehicles
  • Livestock
  • Real estate: purchase, improvements, refinancing
  • Facility needs
  • Operating expenses

Farmer Mac Program

Farmer Mac brings more choices for financing farms along with strong risk management options including long-term fixed rate loans - - an essential tool for managing farming expenses. When farmers and ranchers know the amount of interest they will be paying on their real estate debt – and they’ve locked in the rate for the future – there is one less variable in farm planning. Farmer Mac has a wide range of loan products, and we (Hancock Bank) will help you (the farmer/rancher) select the rate and terms that best match your financial needs. The bank completes the Farmer Mac application and approval process and then make you a loan that Farmer Mac purchases. Other loans, checking and savings accounts that you have with us are not affected by the sale of your real estate loan to Farmer Mac. And we can answer any future questions you may have about the loan we have placed with Farmer Mac.

Our ability to offer Farmer Mac programs allows us to bring the financial strength of the nation’s premier secondary market for agriculture right to your farm. Ask us about bringing the certainty of a Farmer Mac long-term fixed rate mortgage to your balance sheet. It is a smart choice for today’s agriculture.

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