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Hancock Bank & Trust Company has proudly served Western Kentucky for over 130 years. Hancock Bank is a flourishing community bank that is locally owned and operated. We provide a full range of financial services, specializing in commercial, consumer and real estate lending activities.

We are conveniently located throughout the Western Kentucky region, with offices located in Hancock, Breckinridge, Hopkins, and Warren counties. We pride ourselves on being a leading financial institution that has earned the distinction of being one of the most respected banks in our region.

Our Commitment

Hancock Bank is defined by strong experienced leadership, a powerful pledge to the community, and demonstrating a commitment to customer service. At Hancock Bank, we believe in our people, our community, and our customers. We look forward to serving you.

Mission Statement

Our mission as a community bank is to provide services and products to our clients in a caring professional manner. Our delivery will be with excellence and lasting value to each client. We will provide an enhancement to each employee’s personal growth at the same time growing the worth of this corporation to each stakeholder. "Vision with action can change the world."

Vision Statement

In each community we serve, our customers, employees, and shareholders will consider Hancock Bank & Trust Company to be the best bank in town.


The bank started out as The Hancock Deposit Bank, and received its charter in December of 1887. The bank held its first board of directors meeting in April of 1888, and elected its members. The directors elected W.W. Tabor as the first director of the bank. Tabor held the position until he resigned in 1908. The Hancock Deposit Bank was the first bank located in the county.
In 1904 the Hawesville Bank opened, with John S. Adair being the president. For 13 years these two banks competed against each other. In 1917 the banks merged, and the name became the Hawesville Deposit Bank. T.D. Hale served as the first president of the new bank. In 1948 the bank acquired its present location on Main Street in Hawesville. Hale continued as president of the bank until his death in 1954.

In 1966 the bank changed its name to Hancock Bank and Trust Company, and Lenvil R. Hall was the bank president. Also in 1966, Hancock Bank and Trust Company opened a second location in Lewisport.

In 1972 Madisonville resident Russell Badgett Jr. purchased the controlling interest in the bank. In 1987 the organization formed Hancock Bancorp, Inc., a bank holding company. Also, that year the bank purchased Breckinridge Bancorp Inc., owner of Breckinridge Bank. This acquisition gave the organization its third branch.

Breckinridge Bank of Cloverport officially merged into Hancock Bank and Trust Company.

The bank continued to experience growth, and opened a full service branch location in Madisonville in 2007 and Bowling Green in 2009. In 2008 the bank purchased Community First Bank in Madisonville with two locations. In 2009 the bank purchased WHB Holdings LLC, a mortgage loan company that merged into Hancock Bank and Trust later that year.
Russell Badgett Jr. passed in March of 2012. Today, R. Steve Cox serves as President and Claude Badgett serves as Chief Executive Officer.

Over the 130 years of existence, the bank has experienced remarkable growth.

CEO Comments

Welcome to Hancock Bank and Trust Company. We are a family owned community bank that has been in business over 130 years. Thank you for honoring us with your time and attention.

Today we serve customers throughout our seven Kentucky locations including Hawesville and Lewisport in Hancock County, Cloverport in Breckinridge County, Madisonville in Hopkins County and Bowling Green in Warren County.  Our Southern Indiana friends in Tell City, Troy, Cannelton and Perry County have a short drive across the Bob Cummings Bridge over the river to our Hawesville location.  Also, for those of you who like to bank in your pajamas, we are just a click away. .  Contact Us and let us know how we can help you today!

We personally answer our incoming phone calls and promise to treat you as a person, not an account number. We will help you make your financial dreams come true by offering you solutions to meet YOUR particular needs -not OURS. We will HELP you not SELL you! If our office hours do not meet your busy schedule, let us know and we can schedule an appointment at your place or ours.

Thanks for visiting our website. We don’t want everyone’s business, we just want yours.

Thanks for visiting our web page, 
Claude Badgett, CEO

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